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About Miono

The Journey

In 2015 we left everything behind and embarked on a one year journey around the world.

About Miono

The Insight

Halfway into our journey, standing on a balmy beach in Costa Rica, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, what I had always wanted to do. And I realized that every place we visited, had put me back on that path.

About Miono

The idea

I wanted to create a piece of jewelry for every vivid memory of every single place. I wanted to apprehend the spirit of the people I had met and the world they inhabited. I wanted to capture what is important, what is the essence, what is real. I never wanted to forget.

About Miono

The name

One bright morning on playa Cocal in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

My son ran along the shore, chased by some local kids, all very agitated. He was dragging a dead seasnake through the sand, stopping now and then to let the crowds gather and admire his found.The kids pointed at the snake and wanted to hold the snake as well. He didn’t understand what they said, but bluntly exclamed: ‘Mi ono’. That was as close as he came to saying ‘my own’ in Spanish. It kind of stuck to me, started singing in my head.


About Miono

Back to school

Back in Brussels, Belgium. I took a full time course 'goldsmith and jewelry design' (Syntra, Thurn&Taxis) and further specialized in 'haute joiallerie' (Arts et Métiers, Bruxelles). 

About Miono

Miono First Steps

I started creating my first collection for my final exams.  Inspired by the mangroves in Kalpitya, a weird wedding in Kandy, the endless road to Kalbarri, shell beach in Shark Bay, the boardwalk of Manly, the Kauri trees in Waipoua forest and the volcanic valley of Waimangu. 

I passed and on top of that I won the MAD Best Starter Award. 

About Miono

It's alive

Every Miono design is inspired by a place or a person on this great bold earth that embodies the strength of simplicity, the timelessness that is ‘now’ and the power to live the essence.

I hope my creations will become for you what they are to me: graceful reminders of all things truly important.


Catherine M. 


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