Oval Hammered Bracelet


Oval shaped bracelet with a rough hammered structure. Every bracelet is passionately hammered piece by piece. 

This bracelet is a part of the 'Taranaki Collection'. In the Northern island of New Zealand, near New Plymouth, a fabulous mountain seems to grow out of the lush jungle. It's peak is often covered in clouds, but on a clear day you can admire it's snowcapped top. It's name is Taranaki, an inactive volcano with one of the most symmetrical volcanic cones in the world. 

I could not help but imagine a goddess forging rings in the deep fires of this dormant giant, hammering away at the precious metal. And that's why the pieces in the Taranaki collection are all have a 'hammered' structure.

Taranaki breaths mystical simplicity and grace. 


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