Leaf Earrings


One of the most successful items of my collections, the leaf earrings reflect a powerful elegance. Whatever style is yours, wearing this earrings will enhance it to the max.

Therefore, I created them in different sizes, from tiny mini to extra large. Every piece is handmade in my atelier in Brussels and is crafted out of 925 silver or gold plated with 5 micron of 18K yellow gold. 

Also available in massive white, yellow or red gold. Price on demand.

'Mini' Leaf earring is the smallest one in the collection. It's a subtle earring that takes the curve of your earlobe. It has a length of approximately 1 cm.

'Midi 'Leaf earring is a classical one, always adding that little extra to your look. It has a strong straight hook and is about 3cm long.  

'Small' Leaf earring is a bestseller.  Being my all-time-favourite earring; this Small Leaf Earring embodies a subtle though audacious way to wear your classic hoop. Length is about 4 cm.

'Blue Rain' Leaf earring is a variation on this Small Leaf bestseller.  A sparkling and playful, yet stylish variation. A cascade of 7 tiny precious blue zirconia are set in the earring, like raindrops falling on a hot summer evening. To spoil yourself or just to be sparkling in your own special way.

'Large' Leaf earring is the 6 cm rockstar variation.  In this very large leaf earring, the hook gives a special touch to the earring. Nothing to put away behind your earlobe, no, I made it to become an important part of your earring.