The Journey

Live should be cherished, every single day. Not rushed, not hurried, not automated but intended and appreciated. That’s what I learned when I travelled the world for a whole year with my family.

I still remember the day we embarked on our journey like it was yesterday. None of us new what to expect, but we were excited at what was to come; the places we’d see, the time we’d spent together, the people we’d meet. Looking back on our exaltation, I don’t think any of us realized that what we assumed would be important, only scratched the surface of what was to come We didn’t realize that when we left home, we didn’t just leave our house, our friends and relatives; we also left all our presumptions, habits and assumptions behind.

Not instantly. It’s not like that. But every day we shed a part of our old story and left it on a sunny beach, a buzzing street corner or a dreamy hilltop. Until we realized we couldn’t go back. We didn’t want to go back.

Halfway into our journey, standing on a balmy beach in Costa Rica, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, what I had always wanted to do. And I realized that every place we visited, had put me back on that path. The mangroves in Kalpitya, a weird wedding in Kandy, the endless road to Kalbarri, shell beach in Shark Bay, the boardwalk of Manly, the Kauri trees in Waipoua forest and the volcanic valley of Waimangu.


I wanted to create a piece of jewelry for every vivid memory of every single place. I wanted to apprehend the essence of the people I had met and the world they inhabited. I wanted to capture what is important, what is the essence, what is real. I never wanted to forget.

That’s how Miono was born; out of a desire for the essential, an appreciation for the wonder of every day and a need to always remember.


Every Miono design is inspired by a place or a person on this great bold earth that embodies the strength of simplicity, the timelessness that is ‘now’ and the power to live the essence.

I hope my creations will become for you what they are to me: graceful reminders of all things truly important.