Flower Earring



This earrings are handmade in Brussels, and exists it in 3 sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you the most: S - M - L.

The Small Flower Earring is worn directly on your ear.

The Medium Flower Earring is a half long earring. You wear about 3 cm of extra elegance when it hangs in your ear. 

The Large Flower Earring is the longest one. You wear about 5 cm of extra cool, so it gives a you very playful look and feel. 

All pieces are made in 925 silver or gold plated with a 5 micron layer of 18K yellow gold.

Also available in massive white, yellow or red gold. Price on demand.

Every flower is unique and handmade in wax.  So forms can differ a little bit, to make it your very own Miono Flower earring. Lost wax technique is used to create its wonderful organic form. 

This earring has a partially matte and brilliant finish, depending on the form of the flower.