Sydney Ring


The Sydney Ring collection is inspired on the architectural grandeur of the Sydney Opera House.

Every hoop has a different size and the hoops are soldered to each other into this one great architectural reflection.  You can wear it in two ways, each way gives a new look. They are all handmade in my workshop in 925 silver, but also available in massive white, yellow or red gold. Price on demand. 

The 'Sydney 2' Ring has a small and larger hoop. You can wear it in two ways, each way gives a new look; small hoop one in front, or big one.  

'Sydney 2 Hammered' is the little sister of Sydney 2, with a more fine structure that is caused by the hammering effect. 

'Sydney 4' has 4 hoops, also all of a different size.

And 'Sydney 6' has 6 different hoops, combined into a massive statement ring. Very fancy.

The rings come in Small - Medium or Large size. For more sizes, please contact me.